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Written by Michael Perlman

Directed by Kate Bergstrom

Stage Manager: Mia Altman


Riley Berris, Kameron Tarlow, Sarai Ford, Andy Cowell, Lindsey Twigg, Evan Horwitz, Louis McWilliams, Joshua Banks


Can a man offer an opinion about abortion? Can a straight person opine on gay marriage?  Does a house full of predominantly white people get to consider itself, “diverse?”  In Michael Perlman’s critically acclaimed new work, Chekovian in style and written collaboratively, a group of friends convene at a vacation home and begin to figure out who and what gets a seat “At the Table.”  As new pals are invited into the mix, this so called table becomes less inviting than it first seems. Race, religion, gender and sexuality position themselves in the forefront of intimate, impassioned debate; Stereotypes are obliterated, tensions rise and soon our protagonist Lauren must come to terms with her friends being less idyllic than they seemed.


Written By Thais Francis

Directed by Josiah Davis 

Stage Manager: Emma Inglehart


Jore Aaron, Diva Johnson, Nate Memba, Brandon Nnoli, Joshua Banks


An illumination of iconic Black American’s facing the epidemic of police brutality in America today, OUTCRY is an experimental piece that uses dance, humor, and heightened language to entwine the worlds of Emmett Till, Trayvon Martin, Mamie Till, Amadou Diallo and protagonist Nicole Bell  (fiancé of murdered Sean Bell). In this alternate reality they must reckon with their fates

in order to find the answers they are desperately seeking.


Written By Julia Izumi 

Directed by Samantha Eve


Brittany Jene, Katie Croyle, Matthew Goldsholl


A pair of folks, one older, one younger, as often is the case. They grow up together, rely on each other--which is necessary when yourMother has a very, very demanding job. Sometimes they fight, sometimes they don’t,as such a pair often does. And when it seems life may be this way forever, in comes a little Poison.And then they grow apart. And grow back together. And then apart again. Just a story like any other. Sort of.

FEMFEST: Talkback

Written By Maggie Yates


Welcome to FemFest! This year’s panels include your favorite reality star and social influencer, the fierce and fabulous Farraliegh Webster! Farraliegh will be talking about her rocky road to fame, how she rediscovered her divine feminine power through rehab, and then answering fan questions from Twitter. You won’t want to miss this bad-girl-turned-role-model opening up for the fans!




(a play about the brain)

Written and Performed by Danielle Draper & Lindsey Twigg


A candid, comedic look at the internal dialogue of one woman’s journey through love and heartache, as told by the two hemispheres of her brain: the analytical, organized Left Brain, and the emotional, spastic Right Brain.





Meanwhile There Are Letters 

- A Reading -

Written By Declan Hughes

Directed By Risa Brainin

Presented by UCSB’s LaunchPad

in association with the Margaret Miller Charitable Trust

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