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The Central Coast Premieres of



A Roxie Perkins Double Feature

CAYLEE'S FIRST BIG SHOW!!! is a portrait of an amateur singer-songwriter as she questions her identity in the midst of heartbreak. Staged as a pop concert, through her songs Caylee attacks, taunts and eventually comes to lean on the audience as her only confidante through this uncertain time. Caylee must learn to let go of nostalgia and embrace her independence or return to Arizona and stay trapped in the shell of who she used to be.

Directed by Margaret Lazarovits with Kate Bergstrom. Featuring Riley Berris (Caylee) and Andy Cowell (Mark).


SWEET CHILD, set in a city like Oakland, tells the story of Krystal, a girl who lives in poverty with her younger brother, Benni. Abandoned by their drug addict mother, Janelle, Krystal projects all her love onto the memory of her absent father whom she talks to through a shrine. Believing that his absence is due to military involvement, Krystal plans to enlist to find him on her 18th birthday­ only five days away. However, the arrival of Jonathan, a mysterious soldier, her renewed friendship with Mireya, a co­worker at the boxing ring where Benni fights, and Benni's strange behavior­ throw Krystal's militant lifestyle into chaos. Under the time bomb of Janelle's ominous homecoming, Krystal and Benni must come together and face the painful lies in their family's history, or continue to live alone in the comfort of fantasy.

Directed by Josiah Davis with Kate Bergstrom. Featuring Allison Lewis Towbes (Krystal), Terry Li (Mireya), Mathew Goldsholl (Benni), Ryan Sweeney (Jonathan), and Shannon Saleh (Janelle).

The World Premiere of


A Virtual Ethnography on Asian Dating Websites

By Hee-won Kim

Directed by Haddy Kreie

with Kate Bergstrom

THIS IS NOT A LOVE SONG is a bold and surreal one-act play about an Ethnographer's academic presentation on a failed love story between Suzie and Tom, a "couple" who meet on an online dating website. As Suzie and Tom come to life and take control of their stories, the Ethnographer's perceptions of identity in the virtual sphere are upended, and chaos, dancing, and cupcakes ensue.


Featuring Terry Li (Ethnographer), Tonea Lolin (Ethnographer's Assistant), Peerada Meemalayath (Suzie), Tristan Newcomb (Tom), and Brian Granger (Tom).


​An Interactive Karaoke Performance

Created by Riley Berris, Jessica Ballonoff, and Kate Bergstrom

LADY-OKE! is an interactive theatrical event, incorporating the use of karaoke, live music, song and dance, as the performers create a scape of song and art installation in homage to historically prominent female sirens and songstresses.

Featuring Riley Berris, Jessica Ballonoff, Kate Bergstrom, Jessica Kurtzman, Lizzie Saunders, Emma Inglehart, and Valeria Romo.

The World Premiere of


By Darlene Craviotto

Directed by Kate Bergstrom

with Margaret Lazarovits

FOOTPRINTS AT LAETOLI t​ells the ​s​tory of Mary Leakey; her discovery of a timeless archaeological landmark and her unresolved relationship with her late husband, Louis. As we dive into the worlds between fact, fantasy and fear,­ we are invited into the fragile, feminine and potent journey of evolution in more ways than one. FOOTPRINTS AT LAETOLI was a semi-finalist at the 2011 National Playwrights Conference at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center.

Featuring Meredith McMinn* (Mary Leakey), Philip Levien* (Louis Leakey), Allison Lewis Towbes (Young Mary), Josh Jenkins (Young Louis), David Holmes (Simon), Justin Stark (Artie), Josiah Davis (Joseph), Travis Smillie (Neil), and Joré Aaron (Dr. Kate Joyce).

*Member of Actors' Equity Association


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