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The World Premiere of


By Olivia Khoshatefeh

Directed by Kate Bergstrom


Professional cuddler Marcy spends her life comforting others with the power of touch. But when bearing the weight of her patients becomes overwhelming, she takes refuge at a quiet museum exhibit. While attempting to disconnect, she meets an artist trying to find the root of connection. As their relationship evolves, her idea of intimacy is challenged and she must confront the boundaries she has so carefully created for herself.

CAST: Riley Berris (Marcy), Justin Stark (Raoul), J. Richey Nash (Doug), Jessica Ballonoff (Lillith), Allison Lewis Towbes (Robin), Josiah Davis (Paul). 


TEAM: Lindsey Twigg (Assistant Director/Dramaturg), Danielle Draper (Stage Manager), Maggie Yates (Design Associate).


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The Central Coast Premiere of


By Roxie Perkins

Directed by Kate Bergstrom

I'm Alive You Bastards and I Always Will Be tells the story of Lang and Jak's co-dependent relationship. Two young girls growing up in the desert, they spend their days tormenting Jak’s cousin, Florian, and stealing lingerie from Lang's mother, Rhonda. Lang and Jak's world is turned upside down through their discovery of a dead dog and the arrival of two mysterious women on a motorcycle. Jak and Lang are thrown into a wild descent that rips apart the elaborate myths they've constructed in order to survive. Hellish and funny, I'm Alive... is a relentless ride that looks at the true price of what it means to belong to someone.

CAST: Lanelle Chavez (Lang), Allison Lewis Towbes (Jak), Terry Li (Tweek), Monique Rosario (Dex), J. Richey Nash (Florian), Jenna Scanlon (Rhonda), Mathew Goldsholl (Ikki Ikki/Dead Dog).

TEAM: Travis Smillie (Assistant Director), Katie Williams (Stage Manager), Terry Li (Costume Supervisor), Maggie Yates (Costume Associate), Flynn Brady (Assistant Costumer).

A Staged Reading of


By Jenny Rachel Weiner

Directed by Jessica Ballonoff


Julia, prone to anxiety and dreams of grandeur, is learning to grieve after the loss of her father. She meets Jason, a brilliant but lost 30-something, and discovers another kind of love. Told through a series of snapshots exploring a millennial relationship, jason&julia captures young love through poetry, hyper-naturalism, and a snowstorm.

CAST: Terry Li (Julia), Andy Cowell (Jason). Stage Directions read by Sofia Ross.

The Central Coast Premiere of


By Michael Perlman

Directed by Josiah Davis

In an emotional Academy Awards acceptance speech, Dennis Sullivan publicly denounces Ethan Rice, the high school bully Dennis believes pushed his gay best friend Mitchell to suicide, and who, fifteen years later, inspired the screenplay that garnered the Oscar. As the speech rapidly escalates from internationally-televised to viral, a now more mature Ethan must confront what he did as a teenager. As the two men are thrust into the court of public opinion, their closest relationships begin to unravel. When old actions have unforgivable consequences, how can the world be expected to move forward, and does anyone ever outgrow who they were in high school?

CAST: Andy Cowell (Ethan), Monique Rosario (JJ), Billy Hutto (Dennis), Nicholis Sheley (Gregory).


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