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Actor / PR Assistant

Andy first came to Santa Barbara to study environmental science and filmmaking at the UC, graduating in 2014. He worked for local organizations like the Environmental Defense Center, UCSB, Cage Free Productions, and (fortuitously) the first OTV Fest; in 2015, he moved to LA and began working behind the camera for clients like the Discovery Channel, Urban Outfitters, P. Diddy, and Free People in order to support his burgeoning acting habit. OTV credits include Caylee's First Big Show!!! (Mark), From White Plains (Ethan), Jason&Julia (Jason), and At The Table (Stuart). After a few cups of coffee he has been known to loudly declare to anyone in earshot that "this is actually the best thing I do every year! I'M SO LUCKY." He's publicly in love with everyone in the company, and with the many donors and sponsors and audiences who make the collective OTV artistic fever dream a reality each summer.

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